Ristretto:  an extra strong small coffee                                                

Espresso:  a strong small coffee                                                             

Doppio:  a double espresso                                                                                     

Espresso Lungo (regular coffee):  espresso diluted with hot water  

Latté:  coffee with warm milk and cream                                                   

Flavored Latté: with your choice of flavoring
    (chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, amaretto)                                                    

Macchiato Espresso:  espresso with a little bit of cream                            

Latté Macchiato:  a shot of espresso added to a glass of hot milk            

Cappuccino:  espresso coffee with whipped warm milk                                

Cappuccino con Panna:  espresso coffee with whipped cream                

Canarian Coffee : espresso on a layer of condensed, sugared milk           

Mocha Coffee:  coffee with chocolate flavoring                                            

Coffee Float:  a strong coffee blended with ice cream                                  

Coffee pot:  a small pot of coffee with 2 cups of coffee, for 1 person        

Irish coffee:  coffee with whisky, sugar, and whipped cream                                       

French coffee:  coffee with cognac, sugar, and whipped cream                 

Italian coffee:  coffee with amaretto, and whipped cream                          

Baileys coffee : coffee with Baileys, and whipped cream                            


Extra Sukerbuyc : with a larger assortment of pralines                           

Extra Proeverie : with extra pralines, cake, advocaat (a Belgian liqueur
flavoring), and Florentines ,..                                                                                





Hot chocolate “De Proeverie”                                                                                    


Our world famous hot chocolate is a delicious cup of hot milk with dark chocolate from the Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc shop across the street.





Black Teas


English tea (small pot): An inviting black tea that we have especially imported from Great Britain just for you.                                                                              


Darjeeling: A fine, powerful tea from the slopes of the Himalayas with a unique taste of nutmeg.  Perfect after a meal or in the early afternoon.                                  


Ceylon Orange Pekoe:  A medium sized loose leaf tea, sweet with earthy flavors and a full bodied taste. Great anytime of the day.


Green Teas


China Gunpowder :  A green, non-fermented tea from China with a refreshing aroma and a light bitter taste.  Gunpowder tea received its name from the British East India Company due to the fact that it is made up of leaves rolled into small balls resembling gunpowder pellets.  The Chinese also call this ‘pearl tea’.  When infused with hot water, these pellets explode with flavor producing a yellow-green tea with a bitter-fresh aroma.                                                          


Japan Genmaicha : This is an aromatic green tea from Japan with a nutty taste which is achieved by the addition of roasted brown rice to the tea.   


 Aroma Teas


Earl Grey:  Harmonious blend from the finest Chinese and Darjeeling teas having a delicate splash of bergamot.  A perfect tea for between meals or with a light snack.  Served with or without milk.                                                                                     


Caipirinha:  Green tea with a blend of lemon peels, melon, yellow rose pedals, blackberry leaves, sunflowers.                                                                                  


Apple tea: Black Ceylon/Chinese tea with dried apple and natural aromas.    


Mint Chocolate: This exquisite tea couples the taste of fresh peppermint leaves with chocolate flavoring.  The almost invisible but rich presence of apple adds an additional level of mildness.                                                                                       


Fruit Infused Teas


Fruit Vineyard:  An aromatic, fruity blend of apricot, peach, hibiscus, apple, rose hips, citrus zest, sunflower blossoms.                                                                


Grandma’s garden:  An aromatic, fruity blend of strawberry, raspberry, elderberry, rose hips, apple, blackberry, blackberry leaves, and natural aroma          


Wild berries:  An aromatic, fruity blend of raspberry, cherry, hibiscus, elderberry, raisin, bilberry.                                                                                                                       


Pitahaya : An exotic blend of dried fruits and berries. It’s not easy to explain the flavor. Just try it yourself.                                             


Herb Infused Teas


Camomile: This camomile tea uses only the middle part of the camomile flower for a lighter and more delicate flavor.  Considered a remedy for all illnesses by the ancient Egyptians, this golden herb remains a modern favorite to aid digestion, fight headaches and fever, promote calm, and relieve anxiety                            


Mint:  Pure peppermint leaves produce an energetic and refreshing drink which can be enjoyed after a meal to aid digestion.  Mint also helps to combat insomnia and nervousness.                                                                                                                           


Rose Hips: The fruit of wild roses: rich in vitamin C, recommended when you have the flue or are extremely tired.  Rose hips have the reputation of easing the symptoms of headaches and colds, as well as helping to detox the body.          


Herbal Garden: This pure herbal infusion gives a simple, relaxing feeling using the ingredients of: fennel, camomile, orange zest, apple, cinnamon, ginger, nettle, wild strawberry leaves, orange blossoms, and cloves.                                              



 Water (we do not serve tapwater)


 Spa blue 25 cl : mineral water                                                                    

 Spa red 25 cl : carbonated mineral water                                               


Soft drinks


J. Gasco Lemonade : Sicilian Lemonade                              

J. Gasco Tonic : carbonated mineral water                      

Lipton Ice-Tea 25 cl   : carbonated ice tea                                         

Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Light 25cl                                                          


Fruit juices (freshly squeezed)


Orange juice                                                                                                        

Lemon juice (also available warm)                                                        





Scones :  an English speciality with strawberry jam, and whipped cream                                                                                                                                                  

Scones with fruit : an English tea pastry with jam, raisins, and whipped cream                                                                                                                   



1 slice of pound cake vanilla and 1 slice of pound cake chocolate                                                                                                                                          

1 slice of pound cake vanilla and 1 slice of pound cake apple                                                                                                                                                              


1 single slice : pound cake vanilla or pound cake chocolate or
   pound cake apple                                                                  


(pound cake = madeira cake)




Tasters plate : a plate of assorted hand-made pralines from the Sukerbuyc
Chocolate Shop.

This plate is ideal to share with 2 or more people. (www.sukerbuyc.be)      


Our milkshakes


Vanilla : milk, ice cream, and vanilla sugar.  The basic milkshake             

Banana : milk, ice cream, and vanilla sugar with fresh slices of banana    

Mocha : milk, ice cream, and vanilla sugar mixed with strong coffee        

Chocolate : milk, ice cream, and vanilla sugar with dark chocolate          

Strawberry : milk, ice cream, and vanilla sugar with fresh strawberries(seasonal)                                                                                                





With  Chocolate


Black Forest : delicious layers of chocolate, vanilla cream and a filling of  cherries                                                                                         

 Pourbus : a pastry topped with chocolate mousse, a filling of orange and ganache                                                                                                                   


With cream butter


Javanais :    a 5 layered pastry made with almond biscuits and mocha cream butter                                                                                                                    

Miserable :  a classic pastry of almond biscuit and vanilla cream butter            


With Fruit


Michel Angelo : a passionfruit based bavarian cream with a filling of mango                                                                                                                                              

Memlinck :  a light & airy almond biscuit with fruit of the forest mousse
                         and lime mousse                                                                                    

Bretonne :   warm apple pastry with cinnamon, raisins, and crumble              


With whipped Cream


Merveilleux : Italian meringue  with chocolate shavings topped with whipped  cream                                                                                               


Cheesecake : lemon cheesecake with a bottom of speculoos (Belgian cookie)  

The Chef's suggestion of the week 


Our Waffes

1 topping : 

Choice : Whipped cream, chocolate saus or sugar


 2 toppings :

 Strawberries and whipped cream (from May till October)

Cherries and whipped cream (from October till May)

Bananas and whipped cream

Icecream and whipped cream

Chocolate sauce and whipped cream


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