Frequently asked questions

How long can I keep my chocolates after purchase?

All our chocolates are made daily, so we can give the freshest produce to our clients.
Because we use real butter and fresh cream and we are not using any conservatives, we can assure a conservation of 8 weeks for all our pralines.
Bars and full chocolate products can be kept for more then 4 months without losing flavour.

What is the best way to store my chocolates?

The best way to preserve your chocolates is in a dark cupboard, where it's not too hot.
In hot weather it is best to put them in the fridge, but have in mind that chocolate flavours will fade due to the cold of the fridge and some flavours will be absorbed by the chocolate.

My chocolate looks funny. Have they gone bad?

Chocolates are made with tempered chocolate which gives the glossy shine on the exterior of the product. If the exterior of the products have white spots or no shine at all, it's because the chocolates have been exposed to a hot environment and than cooled again. There is nothing wrong with te quality of the chocolate when you have this. But keep in mind that the texture and flavour will be compremised by this exposure. Our filled chocolates can be kept for at least 8 weeks.
After this period the most interiors can have an undesired flavour, due to it's composition of real butter and dairy cream.

What's so special about these chocolates?

There are many stores that sell real belgian chocolates, but mostly the chocolates are made in big factories where the chocolates are made for many shops.
But if you want to be sure the the products you are buying are artisanal, then it's better to buy them directly from the makers.
We garantee fresh home made chocolates with 100% belgian ingredients.
The recipes that we use have been in our family for decades and we still use these fine traditions today.